no|tice1 W2S1 [ˈnəutıs US ˈnou-] v [I,T not in progressive]
1.) if you notice something or someone, you realize that they exist, especially because you can see, hear, or feel them
He noticed a woman in a black dress sitting across from him.
I didn't notice any smoke.
Have you noticed any change in him?
notice (that)
I noticed that her hands were shaking.
He never seems to notice when people take advantage of him.
notice who/what/how etc
She hadn't noticed before quite how grey his hair was.
notice sb/sth doing sth
Did you notice him leaving the party early?
2.) be noticed/get (sb) noticed
to get attention, or to make someone get attention
These clothes will get you noticed and enhance your image.
3.) sb can't help noticing sth also sb can't help but notice sth
if someone can't help noticing something, they realize that it exists or is happening even though they are not deliberately trying to pay attention to it
I couldn't help noticing the bruises on her arm.
notice 2
notice2 W2S2 n
2¦(on paper)¦
3¦(time to prepare)¦
4 until further notice
5 hand in your notice/give (your) notice
6 at short notice
7¦(book/play etc)¦
[Date: 1400-1500; : Old French; Origin: Latin notitia 'knowledge, familiarity', from notus 'known']
1.) ¦(ATTENTION)¦[U]
when you notice or pay attention to someone or something
I waved but they took no notice .
not take any/much notice (of sth)
I did not take much notice of her suggestions.
I hope you'll take notice of what I'm going to tell you.
This problem may have escaped your notice so far (=you may not have noticed it) .
This never came to my notice (=I never knew about this) .
There are several important matters that I'd like to bring to your notice (=that I would like you to know about) .
2.) ¦(ON PAPER)¦
a written or printed statement that gives information or a warning to people
The notice on the wall said 'No smoking'.
I'll put up a notice about the meeting.
obituary notices (=about people who have just died) in the newspaper
information or a warning about something that is going to happen
→↑warning without notice
These rules are subject to change without notice.
sufficient/reasonable notice
They didn't give me sufficient notice .
advance/prior notice
When you're on the mailing list, you'll receive advance notice of upcoming events.
ten days'/three months' etc notice
(=a warning ten days etc before)
They closed the factory, giving the workers only a week's notice.
Firefighters were prepared to rush out at a moment's notice .
notice of
his failure to give notice of his intention to alter the property
notice to do sth
I've been given notice to quit my flat (=I have been told that I must leave by a certain date) .
Union members served strike notice (=warned that they would go on strike) late last night.
4.) until further notice
from now until another change is announced
The office is closed until further notice.
5.) hand in your notice/give (your) notice
to tell your employer that you will be leaving your job soon
= ↑resign
Jim gave notice on Thursday.
6.) at short notice
BrE on short notice AmE
if you do something at short notice, you do not have very much time to prepare for it
The trip was planned on short notice.
Thanks for agreeing to see me at such short notice.
a cancellation at very short notice
7.) ¦(BOOK/PLAY ETC)¦ [C usually plural]
a statement of opinion, especially one written for a newspaper or magazine, about a new play, book, film etc
= ↑review
The new play got mixed notices (=some good, some bad) in the newspapers.
sit up (and take notice) at sit up(5)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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